Autostitch 3 released for Apple mobile devices

Cloudburst have released version 3 of their already popular panormaic photo technology for the iPhone, iPod Touch and the iPad.

Autostitch is easy to use as it is fully automated. Gone are the days of spending a couple of hours in Photoshop working your way through have a dozen inconsistently taken photos. Although this kind of software has been around for many years now, Autostitch does make it really fun to use on Apple's mobile devices.

The images shown on this post are from the iPhone version. It's really very straight forward - take a bunch of photos that you want to use in your panoramic, then bring up the album in Autostitch, add the photos you want to use in the shot and click the stitch button.

Cloudburst recommend that you take your photos with a 30% overlap, which is a little more than I've had to do for other photographic panoramic software. AutoStitch is pretty much automated and provides only three settings: input resolution, output resolution and maximum output file size. You can experiment with these settings, although I think the defaults work great for the majority of photos.

Another neat thing is you can zoom around the panorama as it is being created and crop the final result if you wish. Overall, it gives great results and I can't wait to see how an updated version will run on iPhone 4 due out later this week!

The app is available for the iPhone at £1.79 or $2.00 last time I checked and IPad on the Itunes-Store.