Eye-Fi View: View And Share Your Images Anywhere


Anyone who has used a wireless memory card will know how useful they can be for transferring images to your computer when you haven't got a card reader handy, or even uploading them directly to services like Flickr.

But now makers Eye-Fi have have launched Eye-Fi View -- an online cloud-based system allowing users of their X2 cards to view and share images wherever they are, using a web connected device. 

The firm argue that while there are many social picture and video sharing websites, email remains the most popular method for the average consumer.

As a result, Eye-Fi View is an online gallery which allows easy sharing of high-resolution images via emailed links, rather than clogging up your friends' in-boxes with large files.

The system has been designed to be accessible on devices from desktop computers to iPads and smartphones and make all images taken from the last 7 days accessible.

There's also a 'premium' service which offers unlimited storage for  ₤3.99/month or ₤39.99/year so your stored or shared images don't expire.

A spokesperson for Eye-Fi said: "When we released the first Eye-Fi card three years ago, we solved the fundamental problem of getting pictures off the camera and onto computers and online sharing sites. 

"As we enter the biggest photo-sharing season of the year – Halloween to Christmas – we’re delivering an even easier way for people to view and share photos from any device, with more control than ever."