Apple iPhoto '11 - What's New And What's Hot


Apple have recently released the '11 version of their iLife package, complete with the latest version of their photo editing and organisation software iPhoto '11. And while no-one will be ditching Photoshop CS5 for it anytime soon, there's plenty of new features which will be of interest to those who find it installed on their shiny new Mac or opt for the £45 upgrade.

But first of all, let's take a quick look at the software, which has become the default go-to photo editing application for for OSX users since it was  introduced in 2002 - and bundled with every new Mac.

iPhoto allows users to organise their images in a variety of ways, from folders of the events as they were uploaded, to facial recognition based on tagged images and by places using geotagging information.


There's also the basic editing features which range from removing red-eye, cropping images and adjusting exposure, brightness, and contrast to easy effects such as sepia, antique or edge blur.

The other reasons people use iPhoto is for sharing images on Flickr and MobileMe galleries or producing slideshows and photo-books.

But now onto what's new in iPhoto '11…

First of all, everything is a little bit bigger. Inspired by full-screen iPhone and iPad apps, Apple have made the new iPhoto full-screen by removing the menubar and dock -- meaning you should be less likely to be distracted while you are sorting out your images.

iPhoto'11 is also a bit more social after becoming better friends with Facebook. Not only can you upload images direct to your wall or albums via iPhoto but any comments your friends make will also show up in the software as will tagged faces. You can also now update your Facebook profile image direct from iPhoto, should you want to.

But sharing is not limited to social websites iPhoto '11, has also added an impressive emailing option which allows you to easily email selections of images as a collage, announcement or postcard via easy to use drag and drop templates.

Showing off your images from you own screen has also been given a boost with the introduction of six new animated slideshow themes which include ones which are based around tagged faces and geo-tagging information.


Finally, Apple have also improved the way in which users can produce photo-books with iPhoto by tweaking the dynamic theme browser and autoflow while also adding the option of printing flashy-looking letterpress cards.


iPhoto '11 is part of the £49 Apple iLife '11 software package which also includes iMovie '11, GarageBand '11, iWeb and iDVD.