Blurb Release Bookify Online Photo Bookmaking Tool


Self-publishing firm Blurb has announced the release of 'Bookify' a new online bookmaking tool which is said to make putting photo-books together even easier.

While Blurb users have traditionally downloaded dedicated bookmaking software to their computer - before uploading the final product to Blurb to be printed - the entire process can now take place online. 

Blurb say Bookify features a curated collection of their most popular photo-book layouts, fonts, and design elements which can be activated using a drag and drop interface.

Images can also be added either from your hard-drive or imported directly from Flickr and can then be zoomed, cropped and rotated in the design options.


While the new online tool is not intended to replace the BookSmart software, makers say it 

offers an alternative for those wanting to produce "simple and stylish" photo-books of up to 160 pages.

Speaking of the new Bookify tool, Blurb's founder Eileen Gittins said: "We have streamlined the whole bookmaking experience by curating our most popular layouts, coupled with the convenience of using your photos stored on Flickr or on your computer.  

"And the great news is that all books made with Bookify offer the same professional quality that Blurb is known for. So whether you are a creative professional, or just want to look like one, prepare to amaze your friends with your Bookify Blurb book."