Cloak Bag offers discrete photography wherever you are


A discrete camera bag has gone on sale which promises to help you capture all those moments you might otherwise miss due to feeling conspicuous or unsafe.

The 'Cloak Bag' has been specifically designed while thinking about the times you don't want to be seen wielding an expensive DLSR. That's because you don't ever need to take it out.

After replacing your camera strap with the one from the bag, you then attach you camera inside using the tripod mount and simply unzip the bottom of the bag when you want to use the camera.

Admittedly, you're then left staring into one side of a bag which you've lifted to your face and are pointing the other at tourist attractions -- but makers say you're still less likely to get robbed than if you had your beloved camera out.

The designer of the Cloak Bag claims he came up with the idea after returning from a trip to Buenos Aires in Argentina and realising he hadn't taken as many photos as he'd have liked.

He said he'd been so worried about getting robbed if he got his expensive camera out that he had left it in his bag and missed shots. But after teaming up with a fellow designer, he tried to develop the ideal inconspicuous camera bag, one which would simply let you shoot through it.

"While the idea seemed simple enough, it took many months and many prototypes to arrive at a bag that was lightweight, manageable, easy to use, and looked nothing like a traditional camera bag," he said.