Yoga Dogs - Get In Touch With Your Inner Pup!

If you love dogs (and who doesn't!) you will love Yoga Dogs!

Photographer Dan Borris is the creator of these adorable images and the original inspiration, Otis, was a 2-year old English Bull Terrier who loved doing yoga with his friend Joy! So Dan went on to find other pooches who also loved the art of Yoga! All of the images created are available on a full selection of products including shirts, mugs, greeting cards and their most popular item a calendar!

A great gift for any animal lover - who can resist these adorable Yoga Dogs?

And wait, they did not forget about the cat lovers out there! The newest addition is Yoga Cats!

Just when you thought cats were lazy - this proves that theory wrong! Yoga seems to be a natural state for these frisky felines! These images have been such a hit they recently sold out of calendars on, but there are still a few left on their own website.