iHeartFaces - Fix It Friday Challenge

I came across iHeartFaces recently and LOVE their site!¬† They do exactly what the name says-capture images just about faces! Faces tell such a story so it is amazing to watch others share their images and be able to try and create a vision of what the face is saying!


They also do this great feature on Friday's called Fix-It Friday - a random image is chosen and then everyone who is interested can try their hand at editing and fixing it! This week I decided to jump in on the fun - of course I pick the week that I sear had the hardest image ever to try and save - but I love a challenge!

So here is the before image- um yeah, it is really that underexposed:


And then here are my fix-its, one in color and one in B&W:


So what do you think? Salvageable? Would you have deleted this image thinking you could not save it?

Now, don't ask me what I did since I did half this morning and half this afternoon...and saved it before I wrote down the settings, but all in all it took me about 7 minutes!

Want to play in the game? Then jump on over to iHeartFaces on Friday's and have some fun!