It's A Party - It's A Bean - It's PartyBeans!

Love M&M's? Love JellyBelly jellybeans? Need some really cool custom photo party favors?

Then look no further than PartyBeans!

With their easy to use web interface you can simply choose your candy, your container and customize it with images, texts graphics and more!

Choose a barrel, dog bone shaped tin and even a breath strip option for your next giveaway for any event - personal or corporate!


....and here are their words right from their site! Sounds like a perfect deal to us!

You design it ... we print it ... you enjoy it.

And did we mention you don't have to buy a gazillion units to get a low price? We didn't think that was fair. We wouldn't want a gazillion units hanging around our house, so why should we make you buy that many? Our minimums are very low so you can enjoy personalized gifts at a great price. 

  • Create beautiful memories with full-color photos and images
  • Enjoy low minimum quantities that won't break your budget
  • Create everything yourself with our easy-to-follow gift guide
  • Order by 4pm PST, and we'll ship your order the next business day
  • Perfect for birthdays, parties, holidays, family get-togethers, school events, and more

Long after the PartyBeans are gone, guests will treasure their special personalized containers - and remember the thoughtful person who gave it to them (that would be you).  So bring a smile to the people you love. Now, that's sweet.