A Photo Wall Idea For The Photo Challenged

So I often get emails from readers who, even with instructions, cannot seem to put a photo wall together! So, if this doesn't make it easy I do not know what does!

If you are just not the type that enjoys aligning, hammering and putting together your images, then you need to take a look at this stunning design concept by

Swedish designer Lisa Bengtsson.


Yep, you see right - it is wallpaper!

This design is called "The Family" and it is a collage of black and white frames in a unique placement to add depth and drama to your living space. You can hang the wallpaper on any wall in your home and leave it as it is, or you can simple insert images within the frames to make it "your own". Simply adhere the photo with a tacky or double sided tape.

It is hard to find here in the states, but if you are interested, I found Bunny Maxwell, a unique store that happens to carry this fabulous line!