Wrap Around Corner Frame

Because happy memories are just around the corner!

Be the first kid on your block to have a photo frame that you can actually hang around a corner! It is available over at Photojojo.com.


The Wrap-Around-the-Corner Frame holds up to 12 photos of various shapes and sizes. (Sold out)

It's like twelve frames in one! The perfect frame for a montage of your favorite vacation photos, a collage of your most smiley friends, or portraits of your cat taken every month for a year.

This hardwood frame is stained and lacquered to a lovely espresso hue, cause everyone knows coffee goes well with everything! With these elegant new digs, your photos will not only be turning the corner, they'll be turning heads.

Holds 7 to 12 photos

Espresso stained and lacquered wood

Fits around any corner

2 feet top to bottom

Wraps 16" at it's widest point

Hangs like a normal picture frame

Glass panes

Most unique frame in town

Perfect for photos of your twelve "top friends"

(because ranking your friends is the one thing you miss about your now neglected MySpace page).