Cell Phone Photos Made Easy By Ontela!

This is by far one of the most exciting things we have had cross our desks here at Cool Photo Ideas! When Rob from Ontela first reached out to me several months ago, I have to be honest I was confused as to what they did and put them off to the side. That was a mistake! He contacted me a second time a few weeks back telling me they reached a deal with Verizon Wireless - and that had my interest since I am a Verizon kind of girl - so he kindly sent me a phone to test - yes, a phone! The magic of Ontela is that they allow you to shoot images with your phone and easily get those images off your phone - and I mean easy!


Ontela has created a technology that automatically saves EVERY picture you take on your cell phone to e-mail, PC and even web based photo albums through their new service Photobucket Mobile Uploader.


So, they sent me a Blackberry to test out the service. My phone arrived set up with the service ready to roll, but signing up for it is super easy on the Photobucket Mobile Uploader website. I took out the phone snapped some pictures and then I am not kidding, 2 minutes later I had emails from the phone with the pictures attached! It was THAT EASY!

The pictures were also sent to an online Photobucket gallery that was created for me to test out the phone with, and this is just a phenomenal way to easily share those everyday moments with friends and family.  You can pause the service when you don't want photos uploaded and you can even have them uploaded to your computer desktop in a file folder. Although these were quick images that were taken, I am actually pretty impressed with the quality of images, it was low light in some of them and they still came out OK!

So, because I fell in love with the service, I figured OK, let me try it out on my own phone. I just went to Photobucket Uploader to see if my carrier offered the service (most do now!), and thankfully Verizon was there! I simply followed the instructions and the software pretty much self installed on my phone! I do suggest you start a Photobucket account if you do not already have one. Now for $2.99 a month (charges vary!) I have all my photos stored easily with NO extra work from me! Now I have no reason not to take more pictures! Now if only Ontela can do this with my camera - hint hint.......

Oh, and for our dad readers....gotta tell ya' this is a GREAT mother's Day gift idea if you can pry the phone away from your wife for all of 5 minutes!  She WILL be thrilled I guarantee it! Trust me it is ALL about the thought!!!!!