Photo Booth Inspiration

Having a photo booth for parties is one of my new favorite ideas! Not that it's a new idea per-say, but it is not one that I had done before. Recently having set one up for a child's circus party, I got to see first hand the pure FUN this brought to the event. Setting up a cool photo booth is really simple and the experience {not to mention the great photos} is well worth it! I recently spotted this photo booth over at Style Me Pretty that was set up during this whimsical wedding. A bright fabric backdrop +  a chalkboard = my NEW favorite version of the photo booth idea!

This would work great at any party from kids parties to Halloween parties and more - any time you need a unique and fun photo idea!

photo booth inspiration

Yes, that last shot is the father of the bride, too fun! Next time you are planning a birthday party, anniversary party, reunion, wedding, or really any party at all- set up a photo booth. You won’t be disappointed, I promise!

photography by Jeremy Lawson {simply gorgeous work!}

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