Best Blurb Books Contest

Finding a company that will print your images into a hard cover book at an affordable price and with great quality? No way!

Remember those days where it was virtually impossible to do this - it really wasn't that long ago! I remember as a photographer I began offering photo books years ago, but the cost was high and the process was lengthy in getting an order uploaded. But not anymore! Now there are many companies that offer this one-off printing - some good, some not so good.

But one I have found that seems to offer great quality, pricing and even sense of community is Blurb.


Blurb Books is a great online photo book company offering several styles and sizes of books at great prices! You can use their software, which you download to your computer, to create entirely custom books you design yourself or from their drag and drop templates. This is one of the easiest interfaces I have seen from a photo book company. They have a large selection of layouts, fonts and designs you can use to customize your book simply by clicking a button to change them. If you are more design savvy it is just as easy to create your layouts in your favorite imaging program and uploading the pages to a blank template.

Once you have designed your book you can get an online visual for proofing and flip through all your pages online. Then you simply upload your book - of course the software is intuitive and it will ask you several questions before you commit to the book so you have time to make edits when you see mistakes.

Create photo books, recipe books, portfolio books - whatever your creative mind can unleash on you! Blurb even has an area where you can share and sell your books for you innovative entrepreneurial types!

Take a peak today at all the things you can do at Blurb!

The Contest!

Blurb has recently launched a "best Blurb Book Contest", offering a grand prize of $3,000! No matter what type of book you have created with Blurb you can enter it in their contest. Entries must be received by October 22, 2009!

To see the full details of the contest, visit their How It Works Page!



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